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looks like a black mamba Snake (previous pinner) Black Mamba snakes are in fact not black. But they are named after the insides of their mouths which are black. In reality they are a green-ish grey colour.

Gaboon Viper. These snakes are the largest vipers in the world. Their fangs can get to be up to two inches long. They also have hemolytic venom.

This is the "happy face" of the Gaboon Viper (notice the sheathed fangs). Once those fangs are unsheathed, the Gaboon Viper is deadly venomous. It has a fierce arrow- shaped head and a striking pattern on its back!


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The world’s most dangerous snakes (32 HQ Photos)

The world’s most dangerous snakes (32 HQ Photos)

Top 10 Dangerous and Venomous Snakes of the world. Check out new pictures & photos of World Top 10 Dangerous Snakes.

VPI Magpie Red Blood Python

VPI Magpie Red Blood Python ( id call it a cow snake haha)

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