Roll & Retell:  Fun way to discuss a story.  Link goes to PDF printable on Google Drive.  Thanks Fun-in-First blog!

With prompting and support, identify characters, settings, and major events in a story. Using the dice to decide the open ended question will keep the students interested and thinking about the literature elements.

Teaching Story Elements- includes a matching freebie for interactive notebooks!

Teaching Story Elements & A WONDER Freebie!

Story Elements Freebie

Story Elements Freebie (Ginger Snaps Treats For Teachers)

Eclectic Educating: Five Finger Retell!

Eclectic Educating: Five Finger Retell! I will use this in my classroom to help students learn how to retell a story that they have read. It will help them get all of the main points in their retelling and help with their comprehension.

Get the Scoop on Story Elements, Comprehension Skills & Strategies

Get the Scoop on Story Elements, Comprehension Skills & Strategies using this ice cream cone denotation of the key elements and attributes that a student needs in order to comprehend a text.

FREEBIE - Story Elements Graphic Organizer!

Use this as a way to easily assess your student's understanding of the elements in a story they are reading. Please rate this product!Fonts by Hello Fonts

Dye's Delights in Teaching: TACO Story....What a cute idea for students to show story elements!

Story Taco for teaching/practicing Story Elements. Students will write in each part of the story for each ingredient in the taco to retell the story. I think students will have fun getting to make a TACO about their story!