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Steampunk Owl Illustration By Doodle Artist Kerby Rosanes / so fuckin awesome and unique !


In 2012 US National Medal of Science award winner Yakir Aharonov, who is regarded as one of the world’s leading quantum theorists published a paper in Nature Physics showing that the present is constrained by the past and the future.

Clockwork eye ~ Patrick Connors Facebook |  Google + | Twitter Steampunk Tendencies Official Group

Clockwork eye ~ Patrick Connors "I have decided to model Malachi's eye after this one. The details will change, of course, but this will be the final outcome of his cybernetic eye.

This has absolutely nothing to do with my books, but it is so cute! And it's steampunk!   Christian Steampunk | Chapter Books | Young Readers | Middle Grade |

[Image: art of a pug wearing goggles and being carried by a steampunk flying machine. Underneath this are the words “STEAM PUG”.] By Robin Latkovich Badum tish! i love puns almost as much as i love dogs (which is a lot okay)