Why don’t you kiss him

Why don’t you kiss him! For heaven sake marco is so blind the girl of his dreams is star butterfly!

“Every place can be a better place…if you’ll stay right here with me”

Returning from his bizarre appointment with Tom, Marco decides to help Star to break free from the Christmas lights…and here’s what happens X’D Pin it here:.

Saddest scene ever part 2 Star vs the forces of evil Credit @livieblue

Saddest scene ever part 2 Star vs the forces of evil- Poor star

Star x Marco by M3DXD on DeviantArt

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Star Butterfly is the protagonist of the Disney Channel and Disney XD's animated series Star vs. the Forces of Evil. Star Butterfly is an intergalactic princess from the Kingdom of Mewni, who has been sent to Earth by her parents to live a normal life, after many years of fighting evil in space. While on Earth, she lives with the Diaz family, and takes Marco Diaz on adventures in other dimensions, and in battles with monsters.

Star Butterfly

Princess Star Butterfly is the main protagonist of Star vs. the Forces of Evil. She is a teenage.

First and last hug...  I cried with star in this episode.. there are so many theories bc of marco's reaction. But this scene really is intense. So many questions. And when will another episode come? It's already 2017 to be exact, we are 09/01/2017❤️

First and last hug. I cried with star in this episode. although look how different the style changed❤️