DIY Barn Door Baby Gate – Free Plans

Pictures, Places, And Things (And People Too!): Baby Gate Blueprint- for doggy room

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Built-in hidden dog gate

There are a lot of really great advantages to working with a cabinet builder. One of the biggest is customization. (Assuming you can afford it.) Hidden Doggy gate Lauren B Montana

Custom Baby Gate | Averie Lane: Custom Baby Gate. Love this idea, but may have to do two gates that latch in the middle for straight stairs.?

Custom Baby Gate

Custom Baby/Dog Gate DIY Baby Gate stained in Minwax Dark Walnut.another alternative if don't find the wrought iron gates. I use baby gates for my dog. No more tacky plastic gates!

Build Your Own Baby Gate. This is great for the bottom of the stairs, or the top, if you used a more child-proof latch design.  Maybe just putting the latch on the side the kids aren't supposed to be on would keep little fingers from opening this. I REALLY love how it looks--and it's really just a half door.  Perfect.

Make a barn styled baby gate or pet gate door - so creative! Might be great as a doggie gate too!

barn door baby gate - Bing Images

For the gate between dining and kitchen Custom Barn Door Baby/Dog Gate - The Pink Moose

Gatekeepers | Baby Gates, Pet Gates, Safety Gates, Child Gates | Stair Gate Images - Gatekeepers, DeForest, WI

Gatekeepers safety gates are custom made to enhance your existing décor, they are removable feature and safety tested. View examples of baby gates, pet gates and other Gatekeepers safety gates.

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Child proofing the stairs, white swinging latch door to match barn door and railing upstairs

Need to install a baby gate, but don't want to drill into the wooden stair banisters??? Cut a couple of 2x4's to the height of the banister, paint,and secure with heavy zip ties. Then just add the baby gate hardware to the new piece of wood........D.

How to install a baby gate without drilling into the wooden stair banisters. Cut a couple of to the height of the banister, paint,and secure with heavy zip ties. Then just add the baby gate hardware to the new piece of wood.

Palette Wood Baby & Pet Gate | I Think We Could Be Friends

DIY Palette Wood Baby & Pet Gate

Palette Wood Baby & Pet Gate We love the character that this gate adds to our house. Plus, it's functional and only took 3 hours to make from FREE palette wood!

Custom Fabric Gate by SmithGirlStyle on Etsy

Custom Fabric Gate

Fabric baby gates are a great way to keep young children away from stairs and block door ways while still looking stylish.