Down he fell into the sunken black hole of raging white water. But he didn't fight the current. He had to save Iriana.

I really like this spiral because the water ripples stand out and the black hole in the middle seems to bring all the ripples together into a center.

La spirale du Sahara - Desert Breath by architects Alexandra Stratou and Stella Constantinides, and artist Danae Stratou in the Egyptian sands

La spirale du Sahara

The Desert Breath photos by Danae Stratou, Alexandra Stratou, Stella Constantinides of DAST Arteam

Isabel Moore - Thread Noodle. Spiral waves                                                                                                                                                      More

Isobel Moore textile artist- contemporary quilted and embroidered tapestry work Blue Fossil- Amazing work

Spiral Patterns in Nature and in History, the spiritual world didn't disappear just because technology arrived

Reveal Fingerprints Using Super Glue

ZENSCAPE by Peter Wylly

Sand, resin, thermoformed plastic Wall Mounted or Wall Hanging sculpture by artist Peter Wylly titled: 'Zenscape (Modern Contemporary Concentric Sand Dunes Circles sculpture)'

Andy Goldsworthy is an artist who makes site specific sculptures using natural…

I love the natural feeling Andy has gave this picture. He has broken rocks almost perfectly through the middle to create a path. The white layer near the crack also make the picture even more appealing.

Incredible Photographs of Fractals Found in the Natural World

Incredible Photographs of Fractals Found in the Natural World

A photo of an octopus tentacle curled to form a fractal. I like this as an example of Nature's splendid wonder and God's attention to detail and design.

tunnel to an unknown world                                                                                                                                                     More

Ugandans abandon plastic bags...and use banana leaves instead