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Colourful baskets for sale at the local markets at Axum, Ethiopia by Adam Lees Photography

Masai Memories by Peter Pharoah  (On my board "Art for my Heart II". Irit Volgel).

Masai Memories by Peter Pharoah (On my board "Art for my Heart II". - by Cris Figueired♥

Africa |  The Ndebele are world famous for their colourful and geometric patterns painted on their houses. | © Anke Van Wyk

The Ndebele ART . the ndebele women do this beautiful art work! my Mom is from the Ndebele clan! it is absolutely beautiful

South African San (Bushman) rock paintings in the Cederberg or nearby Nardouwsberg, Koue Bokkeveld and Olifants River Valley are some of the most accessible in the world.

5 great long-weekend road trips in Southern Africa

Floris van Zyl is a South African artist based in the small village of Hilton, Kwazulu Natal. He grew up in Pretoria and qualified as a Graphic Designer in 1993 where he started his own design agency.

This painting is made of high quality linen cloth and bamboori wood frame. No additional framing is required, Self Portrait,Human Rights Activist Monroe This painting is idea for decorating your livin

Map of the continent of Africa made from fabric native to various countries on the continent

fr aime cet art africain - African map with countries made up of different ethnic fabrics