Soccer nails...would love to get w/ #9

Soccer nails: The 15 needs to be a 5 and the Red needs to be Blue and White

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this is so cute! i would put white in stead of green cause that's my team color.

FC Dallas | MLS | Soccer Nail Wraps | Black & White | Sports Nail Art | Futbol | FIFA

Soccer Nail Wraps | Black & White Hexagons

Show your team spirit with these fan favorite soccer nail wraps. Featuring Black hexagons surrounded by white hexagons.

Fun and totally gay to wear to the boys games. They can't take me anywhere.

Green nail design is a popular choice among girls of all ages and in many occasions. Take a look at these green nail designs, which can be combined with patterns of grass, Christmas tree or football. They are fun, creative and easy to make.