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SMUDGING PRAYER "Negativity that invades my sacred place I banish you away with the light of my grace. You have no hold or power here. For I stand and face you with no fear. This is my sacred place and you will obey.

Smudging Prayer Poster

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A great reference to keep hanging by your altar space, the Smudging Prayer poster offers you words to speak during your smudging ritual, when the sacred smoke will help carry your prayers.

Smudging Prayer. Might play around with the wording a bit for my own practice, but nice!

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Smudging is a Native American ceremony that you can easily do in your own home. It removes negative energy immediately and also odors! Download our free instructions sheet and try it for yourself! It’s a wonderful way to make your home feel good.

Cleanse & and Bless Your Home with White Sage

Cleanse and bless your home using the Native American ceremony of smudging with white sage. It removes negative energy and odors immediately!

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Smudging is the common name given to the Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing, a powerful Native American cleansing technique.

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