This is a one line contour drawing I picked because even if the drawing is only kind of an outline and not much detail, the artist portrayed emotion. It looks like as if the women in the drawing was feeling some stress or is calming down.

Eliminate Stress

Feeling like Im being made over- Karen C. Photo by borisschmitz: "Gaze one-continuous-line-drawing by Boris Schmitz, 2014 Click

borisschmitz:  “Gaze 222”, one-continuous-line-drawing by Boris Schmitz, 2015 » click here for my portfolio «

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Apenas uma linha contínua forma belos animais nas ilustrações do estúdio francês Differantly.

Ilustrando animais com apenas uma linha

We have previously featured the work of Paris-based creative studio Differantly, including these single line illustrations of iconic.

Horse and Dog With One Line Art Equine Single Line Drawing

Horse and Dog Print - One Line Art - Equine Single Line Drawing, Calligraphy Art, Horse Art, Dog Art

The British Museum has managed to wheedle the donation of all one-hundred of Picasso’s etchings which make up the Vollard Suite – no, not the name of a room in a curiously themed hotel, but a massi…

Doodling with Picasso

picasso love How he simplify the lines. Life it's so complicate as it's own. Make your drawing simple.

Demetrius Harmon/// TATTOO CHEST

A Single Rose Tattoo Can Have So Much Versatility It is amazing that a single rose tattoo can have so much versatility. Rose tattoos can be any size and they can be placed basically anywhere on the.