Uh, Sorry. I'm way too cute to be a side chick and too cute to be a main bitch getting played for a side chick cool on all that yal can keep that!

Side chicks be like

Side chicks be like. "You can never keep me away from that dick bitch.

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No wonder you can't walk away from your ex even though you have a boyfriend.  You aren't his girlfriend,  you are his side chick.  Don't fool yourself.  He is never leaving his wife for you.  I absolutely love how miserable You are after all you've done to us.  Karma is a bitch and it will only get worse

Show some self respect woman! Are you that desperate? You are a coward MF

u & ur ??????

Or just people who shorten words period. It's one of my pet peeves. Just spell the freaking word out!

Remember when your son repeated that you called me fat??? Fucking hilarious considering I'm single digit sizes and you're the size of dump truck...

So this,"personal trainer" calls people fat. who weigh at claims she "helps people" helps them do what you're training is online! what a dumb fake bitch.