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Celebrated to check the day on which Lord Shiva wedded Goddess Parvati, Maha Shivaratri actually converts into the Great Night of Shiva.

"Those who act in ego do not go beyond karma (karma; action, kaama; desire - these are both transient, to move…

With preparations for Maha Shivaratri in full swing - the holiest dedicated to the Lord Shiva. Visit Varanasi his sacred abode and witness the grand event. Dates: February

Android Jones - BOOM SHIVA

Visionary Artist Android Jones Boom Shiva Tapestry by Third Eye Tapestries

Dieu hindou Shiva Art Print 8 x 10 fond par thoughtopian sur Etsy

Shiva Hindu God Art Print 8 x 10 – Psychedelic Background - Hinduism - Spirituality - Eastern Religion - Spiritual - Mystical Pop Art

Art & Photos - Dhvaja Palik

Art & Photos - Dhvaja Palik