this picture of body hair turns me on more than like 90% of the men I meet

Love scruff on a man.another masculine trait maybe a little less than this picture. I like swarthy men.

BERRY hot men: Bearded hotties (31 photos)

BERRY hot men: Bearded hotties (31 photos)

Sometimes you can look at an image and it makes you smile, laugh or even cry. This one makes me happy and smile.

Sam Elliott - only a few men can make long gray scruffiness look this hot.

Sam Elliott - young, old, moustache, clean shaven or in between, he's classically "handsome"

Cirrus's hair style; it goes every which way of its own accord and doesn't like to be flattened

Can We Tell You What Your Ideal Man Looks Like?

♛ MightyDontKneel ♛

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Bon anniversaire George Clooney !

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