27 Reasons Tyler Posey Is The Most Sexdorable Actor Out There

Doesn't normally wear a shirt but he will either wear wifebeaters or leather jackets sometimes both

Tyler Posey of Teen Wolf photographed during New York Comic Con on Saturday October 2016 at Fairfield Inn & Suites New York Midtown Manhattan.

Which "Teen Wolf" Character Do You Belong With?

Day 8 of Teen Wolf 15 Day Challenge. Your favorite male character: Scott Mccall (Stiles is my overall favorite character period). He's such a good guy,great friend, awesome boyfriend, and an excellent alpha.

19 Reasons Scott McCall Is The Most Precious Werewolf Imaginable

Oh precious puppy alpha, sweet sunshine werewolf prince, beautiful cinnamon roll too pure for this world. Scott McCall is the exact opposite of a fuckboy.

Teen Wolf's Scott McCall's Hottest Moments, Sexy Tyler Posey Gifs

Which "Teen Wolf" Pack Do You Belong In?

I got Scott McCall's Pack! Which "Teen Wolf" Pack Do You Belong In?