Are school dress codes unfair to girls? Conflicts over student dress codes have been cropping up in schools across Canada, CBC's the Current discusses some of the most notable cases.

"don't humiliate her because she is wearing shorts. instead of shaming girls for their bodies, teach boys that girls are not sexual objects.

School dress codes are one way girls are taught how not to act and dress. -Francesca Lupo

kiwipally: “notcisjustwoman: “music-to-peace: “Someone put this up in my school after an announcement made yesterday concerning dress code. ” I love it when teenage girls wreak havoc on their school.

These Quotes From Students Nail Everything That's Wrong With School Dress Codes

These Quotes Nail Everything That's Wrong With School Dress Codes

This takedown of school dress codes. | 31 Tumblr Posts That Will Make Feminists Stand Up And Cheer

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This was actually a legit thing at my junior high. Everyone ones this unspoken rule that male teachers couldn't dress code girls. So the female teachers definitely made up for it.>>> where is the fucking lie tho

High Schooler Is #SorryNotSorry After Getting In Trouble For Wearing Leggings To School

High Schooler Is #SorryNotSorry For Wearing Leggings To School

"I hate the school dress code. It's too hot but I have to wear a sweater because I have shoulders (shocking I know) "

I don't have a school dress code but ik the struggle you can't wear a spaghetti noodle tank top to my school

This girl deserves a gold medal. School dress codes are degrading towards women and are just plain sexist.

Canadian teen got a detention for wearing a halter dress

When she received detention, Lauren Wiggins writes an articulate letter about why her clothing choice, seen above, is meant for her comfort and not for the sexual viewing pleasure of her classmates. For that, she then received a 1 day suspension

Because a bra strap is SOO distracting .-.

Last week one of my friends missed class time because she had to go home to change. Her dress was inches too short. I'm not joking. <<< Wow, one of my friends was dress coded because you could see less than an inch of her stomach.

School dress codes (actually, dress codes in general), are not a new thing. There have always been standards of how people should dress for school, work, an office building, or a formal event. So when we talk about the school dress codes that fill us with rage, it’s not that we have a problem with … Read More

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