Truly Scary Halloween Decorations  |  I love scary things, but if you guys try this with me, I'm not coming over anymore.

Use a mannequin or a sewing form with a styrofoam wig head covered with dark fabric. Drape in tulle or gauze positioned at the top of the stairs, to keep guests going upstairs during Halloween Party.

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I found 'Samara The Ring Haunted House Animated Halloween Prop Motorized Well Scary' on Wish, check it out! <-- OMG, samara from the ring!

Tarp or heavy fabric, broom stick or fence post, styrofoam head, and coat hanger (for arms). Look like Harry Potter" dementors.


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Cheap Scary Halloween decor - this would be hilarious on tall black boards with cheap/stained dark shims on the front porch!

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This is the first Jack-o'-lantern I have made since I was a kid, I forgot how much work there is to do before you even get to carve! Fun stuff thou. Claud the Jack-o'-lantern

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Very scary Halloween decoration inspired by "The Ring"  -White foam head -Witch Wig  -Child's white dress  -Arms from Party City -Old Television  -Traffic cone  -Wooden stick

Very scary Halloween decoration inspired by "The Ring" -White foam head -Witch Wig -Child's white dress -Arms from Party City -Old Television -Traffic cone -Wooden stick Más

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I want to recreate this Sleepy Hollow Scarecrow! This person has an awesome yard display and their Headless Horseman is beyond.Tim Burton would be proud .this isn't sleepy hollow this is from nightmare before xmas lol

Various shapes and dreadful faces are carved on the pumpkins to hang under the ceilings of the room, to place in the corners of the walls or to even gift them to folks. Description from I searched for this on

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TRICK OR TREAT! Are you getting ready for Halloween? Here are some Halloween decoration photos that would surely give you an idea on how to prepare and decorate inside and outside your house on Halloween. I was browsing through Pinterest and these pins really caught my attention, not only mine but also the attention of many because these photos are having the most repins when it comes to Halloween decorations. So I decided to pick them out for you and share how scary and wonderful these…

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A simple Halloween decoration using a hanging ghost fashioned in the spookier manner alongside a gravestone engraved simply ‘RIP’. Nice Halloween effect indeed!