June6.  The burning statement that a Stanford woman reads to her rapist in court goes viral—as it should  || Sketch of Crying alone Girl, sitting beside Wall"

Today we bring you the exciting drawing ideas for Girl which needs your creativity and interest to draw. Posted below are some of the nice and lovely Girl Drawing Ideas that you will

sometimes the people who are so broken, that they get jealous because you are whole.

Illustrations by Alexandria Lomuntad

I honestly don’t know why I’m so flat out with how I feel, like normally people with depression cry when they talk about shit like this. But nope I’m wayyy different.

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Sad Emo drawings/emo girl drawing by Midestini, traditional art drawings, people

People think I started getting emotional (angry, sad, hurt etc.) But really its the same way ive felt all my life under different circumstances, its just i dont hide behind a mask anymore and I let my emotions show, I feel free.

CTC 2 Step 3 Continued: Women cannot normally bare the pain of losing a child so for Patria to bare the pain and continue life and act like nothing is wrong so others would not worry, she is a very strong and considerate character.

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This is another drawing I made some time ago, the date it's there on her shoulder. Here's the first one wich inspired me to do this one as-if-i-draw. Practicing/killing some time 2

sai actually really love this

Read I Killed Him Because I Love Him from the story I Killed Him Because I Love Him (Declamation Piece) by allPATCHedup (Pattttttttttttch ^_^) with read.

flower crown illustration by Dessie Jackson

Dessie Jackson "a small drawing inspired by my windows down, the smiths and whispering tall things.