Living Room Rug Placement

Confused about how and where to your in the Here are some and which will help you with the perfect rug

Get it Right: How To Pick the Perfect Rug Size for Your Room

A new rug can be one of the most anxiety-inducing purchases you can make for your home. For one thing, even the small ones seem shockingly expensive. For another, once you understand the importance of rug size in creating a comfortable space (spoiler aler

The Rug Size You Need and How Much You Should Pay

The Property Brothers' Design Cheat Sheet That You Need

select appropriately sized area rug hmd online interior designer rugs for your bedroom and bathroom design ideas

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Choose The Right Rug - So your entire clan is coming over for the holidays. Before you tweak your rug placements or shop for new rugs altogether, take a look at our handy guide for choosing the right rug based on your room.

The Property Brothers' Design Cheat Sheet That You Need

The Property Brothers Design Cheat Sheet In their new book Dream Home, the HGTV hosts reveal a few essential measurements—from area rug size to chandelier height—that'll help you decorate your space to scale.