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“It must be Friday, we just wrote ten instead of We'll keep it simple (and cool) with Roman numerals from now on”

69 Inspirational Typography Tattoos

69 Inspirational Typography Tattoos

I really like the idea of Roman numerals as a tattoo, and the placement of this one's nice too

Roman numeral tattoos are a pretty popular pick for body art enthusiasts. They’re interesting, sleek, and more complex than plain numbers. These types of tattoos use letters from the Latin alphabet to form a number. You can go for something which holds a deeper meaning to you – like a wedding anniversary, birthday, or lucky number. Alternatively, you can simply opt for a design you think looks great, no hidden meaning required. But if there is a date with special significance to you, why not…

70+ Roman Numeral Tattoos Ink Lovers Will Drool Over

Tattoo Design Roman Numeral VII (7)

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Page with 31 different design / font styles for the Roman numeral VII tattoo. Make VII Roman numeral tattoo design.