research into existing band logos. many just consist of an interesting font, i think a band logo has to be memorable and recognisable.

Current Obsession: Rock Band Logos

Collecting inspiration for a new band logo. It's got to be pithy, recognizable at any size, and visually represent the sound of the band.

Metallica.... there will never be another as great

As of this day, July Metallica released their first ever album "Kill Em All" that means: today is National Metallica day!

Ma chanson préférée - smells like teen spirt by nirvana

The most influential band in rock history. Nevermind is their best album, in my opinion. Amazing and crazy band.P Kurt Cobain.

The Rolling Stones was out favorite band that played at BST Hyde. They took…

I'm a litlle bit rock and roll The original artwork of the Rolling Rolling Stones lips and tongue logo - one of the world's most instantly recognizable symbols of rock and roll

A more familiar sight of Mercury, the front man of legendary group Queen, belting out a tune

New pics show how African schoolboy became rock star Freddie Mercury