Remember The Date Tattoo by Pink Tattoos

30 Elegant Shoulder Tattoos for Women With Style

I've been thinking about getting a tattoo in remembrance of my sister. I read this and chills came over me. "Tu me manques"

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I want this in remembrance of my best friend my partner in crime my cousin Jayson Core I know he's up there pissed in not drunk right now!! him!!

Check Out 30 Dandelion Tattoo Ideas. There’s no specific meaning for dandelion tattoos since they just got popular just recently. Although some farmers consider dandelions as weeds, dandelions are edible and have good benefits.

Gorgeous Roman Numerals With Angel Wings And Lettering Tattoo On Chest

My first tattoo :) soooo in love with it! Got this tattoo for my baby brother, Andrew, who was born sleeping on March 2008 (the.

Wrist tattoos are very popular, and this sweet and simple one carries a lot of meaning.

Elegant and Sweet

What better way to show our love and admiration for the man we call Dad than to get a tattoo in his honor? Or perhaps you are a father and you want a .