Yep. This. The first six months are bliss...I'd love to check back on people in 6 years.

The first six months are bliss.I'd love to check back on people in 6 years. But mine couldn't make it three damn months before screwing it all up

B. True. ❤️. Love your just dropping by to say, Hi how are you doing, and sweet compliments. Heart of gold you are.

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I do appreciate the effort you have put in recently trying to make me happy by fulfilling my every whim & every demand. Your positive complying actions have spoken louder than negative arguing words ever will. Even reluctantly bringing B to New Orleans, just because I said to. That alone speaks volumes of your efforts....but so does the brand new giant flat screen in our bedroom.

I Appreciate Effort (Live Life Happy)

Self preservation and putting an end to nonsense patterns of behavior. You can't deplete yourself by continuing to give far too much effort to certain personality types.

In other words I'm gonna walk away after bringing you down with every stinging word that comes out of my mouth