We'll be attending every meeting via robot from now on.

Meet the Real Robots That Live Among Us

In Transcendence, Johnny Depp plays a dying man who lives on through mind-enabled artificial intelligence. Technology can't give you immortality (yet), but

The Honda Asimo robot (real)

The Honda Asimo robot - Photos: Real robots (not in disguise) walking and working among us

Real Robots for Sale | Fujitsu Begins Limited Sales of Service Robot "enon" For Task Support ...

Fujitsu's Enon is an advanced practical-use service robot that can assist in such tasks as providing guidance, escorting guests, transporting objects, and security patrolling.

from Scientific American.  a work of art, not a real robot.

Here are some scans from my sketch books of manikin figures. I like to combine puppets, robots, santos and Manikins, all articulated figur.

Robots: a play in one brief act by Jon Rappoport #FoodForThought https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2015/09/15/robots-a-play-in-one-brief-act/

Robots: a play in one brief act

DARPA Selects Boston Dynamics' Humanoid for Robotics Challenge

The official hardware platform for the DARPA Robotics Challenge will be a derivative of Boston Dynamics' PETMAN/ATLAS robot