Prom date, 1953 & Prom king and queen.

Isn't this the cutest prom pic! Getting so excited for the American Prom in the new year now!

I feel like I'd some goofy ones for sure

Camarillo Botanical Wedding

Cute funny face wedding portrait with the bride and groom- finally someone who is willing to show their silly side!

Elegant red satin prom dress, ball gown, sweetheart dress for prom 2017

Red Long Prom Dresses, Elegant Red Satin Prom Dress, Ball Gown, Simple Prom Dress, Sweetheart Dress for Prom 2017

Nice tie

Prom Tips For Guys: How to be a Good Date

I feel like even a private school would be hard pressed to find a way to not allow same sex prom dates, by I'm not sure.

Assuming yo UFO to public school yes. Unfortunately private/religious schools can do whatever the fuck they want