princess bubblegum crown -

My princess bubblegum crown! One cheap circlet plus some filigree bits and one blue gem equals radical fancy-ness. Here is my how it was made/where to find components: I used a gold circlet similar to.

Princess Bubblegum - Adventure Time

I personally love how Adventure Time subtly acknowledges how ridiculous the princess craze is by having princesses everywhere, but PB is a pretty solid character in her own right. Also, science rules.

"People get built different. We don't have to figure it out. We just need to respect it." Princess Bubblegum | Adventure time wisdom

I know it's not band but I Applaus to all aspect of people and life (music taste included so there is links) and this is just important to remember + it's adventure time!

Princess Bubblegum in an amazing outfit ^^ I always like it when they change the characters' outfits every once in a while <3

meenat: Send me two characters and I’ll draw my favorite one ! 3 more asked the same thing and I cried about it for like 3 years cuz I love them both too much to be truth! but there’s no Gumball without PB so uvu I looooooooooovvvveeeeee this