Prince Adam, post-transformation

These Disney Princes (And Princesses) Illustrated As Real Life People Will Leave You Speechless

Prince Adam's torn portrait It's interesting that he tore his portrait, but not his eyes. He no longer looked the same, but the eyes, being the windows to the soul, were the same.

Bell sees Prince Adam's torn portrait but feels the rose calling her name and I keep this in the back of my mind.

It is a proven scientific fact that all of the best, sassiest, and smartest princesses are BRUNETTES! Belle (aka Best Princess Ever,) Mulan (aka Other Best Princess Ever,) Jasmine, Pocahontas, Esmeralda, Nani and Lilo, Jane... need I go on?

Which Disney Prince Is Your Soulmate?

'It is you!' when she touches his face, they kiss for the very first time! Adore prince Adam so much! He's different from another disney's prince, not a romantic or a sweet type at first, but Belle changes him :-) Love this moment!

Yessss I need more Adam, people always forget that he is now a human

johannathemad: “ AU where everything is exactly the same except Adam never turns into a beast and just needs to learn some manners ”<< GAH I LOVE IT

The Queen Belle & King Adam    Godrick Draws

Former pinned: Here’s another Beauty and the Beast concept painting I did! This knocks out two designs in one piece: Emma Watson in Belle’s gold dress and Dan Stevens as the Beast in his human form. In the words of Glen Keane through Belle in a.