Here is a treat for your classrooms!Classroom Rules!Looking EyesListening EarsQuiet MouthHelping HandsWalking FeetEnjoy!

Here is a treat for your classrooms! Looking Eyes Listening Ears Quiet Mouth / Soft Voices Helping Hands /Waiting Hands Walking Feet / Quiet Feet Enjoy!

Teach Your Child to Read - Our Class Rules poster that any Kindergarten student, pre-K student, Transitional Kindergarten student can all read! FREEBIE - Give Your Child a Head Start, and.Pave the Way for a Bright, Successful Future.

Circle time rules are visuals I use to help manage my circle time with my preschool & pre-k class. I can point to one of the posters while I read or someone is talking.

Class Rules and Circle Time Rules Posters, Books, and Positive Notes Home

I would put this up on the wall right next to our circle time area in the classroom to teach and remind children of our circle time rules.

Rainbow Child Care: Leo, Indiana, Preschool Classroom Rules

I like this as a way to remind children of rules because it's their pictures so it's relevant to them and also, so we don't have to verbally go over and over it. a subtle reminder.