Ahh what a day! I don't think there is any feeling comparable to walking into a classroom that is absolutely empty, and in a few magical we...

Identify long term class goals: This is a daily goal so students know objectives and why we are learning what we are learning. It would be neat to have a student fill this in as we go over it at the start of each class period.

Posting objectives - can laminate and hang in front of the classroom, easy to write new daily or weekly objectives!

It would be good to get in the habit of writing down daily objectives for students to read Use posters as the timetable.

I finally found a cute way to post my objectives!!! Objectives clearly posted for each subject.. not that kinders can read the daily objectives but at least the admins would be pleased to see them displayed

my own twist on things: daily objective dry erase boards.not just for teachers! also a good idea for homework each subject is separated just like in their agenda books

My mentor teacher printed this out and put it near where she wrote the objectives

Bloom’s revised Taxonomy with verbs

Bloom's Revised Taxonomy Action Verbs infographic includes some action words that are useful in writing learning objectives.

Posting Objectives In Your Classroom

Posting Objectives In Your Classroom

This PDF file includes subject headers to use when posting learning objectives in your classroom. Headers include: Our Learning Objectives Reading Writing Math Science Social Studies Language Arts Just print on white card-stock, laminate, and post!