A chart for why children misbehave and adults should approach the behaviors: Positive Discipline

Positive Discipline: This chart explains why children misbehave and how teachers should approach each child based on why they are exhibiting the behavior.

Positive discipline.. bringing kindness and firmness together :)

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Positive Discipline: Kind and Firm Parenting-Awesome weekly parenting tip to apply-awesome and created by lds lady

Positive Discipline: Encouragement: What does it mean and how is it done?

Positive Discipline: Encouragement: What does it mean and how is it done? Don't raise your kid to be an approval junkie.

Negative language impacts children. Find more effective positive parenting alternatives to these phrases. These positive parenting strategies are perfect for parenting toddlers and preschoolers. Authoritarian parenting, attachment parenting, positive discipline

This How Negative Language Impacts Children and How to Make it Better

Positive Discipline: Don’t Back Talk Back  Excellent points. Teach by example, not by "because I said so"

A Positive Discipline Tool Card Mrs. Henderson told her son, Jon, for the third time that evening, “You had better do your homework.

Positive Discipline. No 3!! We make hearts with our hands! SO happy we are parenting right :D it shows those who look down on us :P

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Positive Discipline: SILENT SIGNALS- Challenge classes to see if they can respond to the silent signal better than the others

Positive Discipline: Ask CURIOSITY QUESTIONS ......instead of demanding or forcing them to do something. Help them think

Montessori parenting tip - ask Positive Discipline CURIOSITY QUESTIONS to invite your child to think to solve problems.


Mistakes are wonderful opportunities for learning. "Motivate children to do better without paying the price of a lowered sense of self-worth. Teach children to be excited about mistakes as opportunities to learn.

Positive Discipline: Compliments Create a Positive Atmosphere in Homes and Classrooms

Compliments and appreciations bring us closer together. Finding ways to compliment your children can be a very valuable parenting tool.

Positive Discipline: NATURAL CONSEQUENCES---consider the use of these in your classroom--although not always applicable, they are more often than not!

great article on NATURAL CONSEQUENCES this can also work for natural rewards too, ex: you put your shoes and socks on. Children learn so much more from their own experiences then you can ever teach them.