I'm going to use this idea for my next graphic design portfolio.

the aesthetic of this folio is really appealing to me, I particularly like the use of a business card on the front which doubles as a cover.

8x8 size pages are kind of different. Still makes mailing easy. Practical enough?

lovE how its held together, how the text isn't constricted to a line and how the titles of each project are on a transparent sheet before the actual project, like a little trailer

Portfolio Frosted Clear with Gold Hinges 11x14 Landscape Orientation Portfolio Presentation 11x14 Screw Post Portfolio Folio Portfolio Book

LOGO DESIGN Portfolio Frosted Clear with Gold Hinges Landscape Orientation Portfolio Presentation Screw Post Portfolio Folio Portfolio Book

Photography Portfolio Brochure Templatebrochuretemplates #fashioncatalog #catalogdesign

Styled for: Flat prints, heavy content, or glossy finish to reduce reflection + light glare

Notter + Vigne - F/W12 Mountain men

Notter + Vigne - Mountain men I love the compositions of the photos in this publication.

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Fiks is a magazine built in a unique, interactive style that integrates simple puzzles/activities with the fresh content that it drives. This makes for a more impactful delivery of information. It’s a nifty little publication, and that is where we find