"Together"- Bernie Sanders. #feelthebern #bernie2016

The people inside the silhouette and "together" unifies this poster

power to the peaceful

"Power to the People: POWER & EQUALITY," social protest for the rights of African-Americans in graphic design posters. Silk screen poster designed by Shepard Fairey. Bold colors, simple shapes, and the lines really draw the eyes inward.

Princess Leia protest poster Download at http://ladieswhodesign.com/2017/01/20/protest-posters

Protest Art – Princess Leia, Shepard Fairey + More

Star Wars Rebel poster Woman's Place is in the Resistance by Hayley Gilmore, donated for people to use to protest

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Imagery of the White dove flying to the word 'peace' with the letter 'A ' in red taking away from the word behind 'war' represent change. The use of the dove symbolises peace , holiness, godliness and hope.

Peace America!

Final poster submission for the AIGA poster show Get Out the Vote. Peep the attachment for the details.

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Graphic design inspiration, in search for the color red

This political poster was designed by Chamutal Leket for the Cactus Design Studio, and originates from Israel. This is a very well made poster due to the colours used. The black works well in contrast with the red.

social posters - Buscar con Google

Tumblr: Pósters

This is very simple but its easily understood. I like the simple colors and it catches my eye, I wanted to read what was printed below.

googit: The Top 100 Freedom of Expression posters

The white paper sets out the main priorities of Norway’s efforts to promote human rights in its foreign policy and development cooperation.