I guess I forgot to upload Entei way back when it was finished. xD Actually, looking over my gallery and my list of completed Pokémon, there are ma.

Entei A legendary Fire Type and a roamer and battle-fleer. Use fast moves like Quick Attack and Psychic and Electric Type moves to lower its HP. Have your leading Pokemon use Whirlpool or Mean Look. Also try using Fast Balls.

Entei is a Fire type Pokémon introduced in Generation It is known as the Volcano Pokémon.

Go home Entei, you're drunk

You're a fire Pokemon, Entei!<----- this actually happened to me, I was surfing, training my flaafy, when entei appeared!

Pokemon Entei Nintendo Figure Pose Movable Toy

Pokemon Entei Nintendo Figure Pose Movable Toy #Nintendo

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