10 Low-Maintenance Perennials

Love having a beautiful yard, but dont have a lot of time? You need these 10 low-maintanence perennials! They will make your yard beautiful and your life easier! Love having a beautiful yard,

The One Native Perennial Everyone Should Plant

'Lunar Eclipse' False Indigo (Baptisia 'Lunar Eclipse') starts out cream-colored then ages to lavender

Candytuft: A garden must-have!

Candytuft: Hardy evergreen perennial ground cover for zones - Just planted this by my front steps - Flower Beds and Gardens

Growing Astilbe - False Spirea - How to Grow and Care for Astilbe

How to Grow Astilbe - Perfect for a Shade Garden - Astilbe is a perennial with plumes of very showy flowers.

20 of the Best Sun Perennials for Your Garden

An easy-grow collection of the best sun perennials - perfect for any garden! Perennials are plants that tend to live for years which is different from annuals

One of a favouite perrenials - Meadowsweet - they grow to 5 to 6 ft and have very large leaves and absolutely gorgeous flowers - SPIREA

15 Most Colorful Perennials for Your Yard

The 15 Most Colourful Perennials for Your Yard. Gorgeous colourful perennial options for adding colour to your yard without planting every year.

A shade garden perennial, Brunnera "Jack Frost" - brightens up shady areas with almost neon bright blue flowers and amazing white foliage. by Kay Berry

Lamb's Ear

Lamb's Ears - Showy edge-of-border silver-leaf perennial. Extremely drought-tolerant once established. Very attractive when planted below or in front of burgundy foliage. I've always loved the soft, fuzzy leaves!

16 Budget Blooms You Can Depend On

These 16 garden perennials feature a long blooming season, easy-to-grow properties, and a budget-friendly price. Shop perennials from this collection now. - Flower Beds and Gardens

7 Perfect Perennials for the Lazy Gardener

If you’re a “lazy gardener” you can still have a beautiful yard! Bleeding heart perennials are easy to grow in a shady garden.

An excellent addition to your garden, ARMERIA 'Ballerina White', produces an abundance of blooms that will shine in containers, as an edging plant or in masses throughout the summer.Evergreen rounded clumps, in warmer zo