Pardon the language. Most people get too wrapped up in what people think about them. Do the right thing anyway.

Sums it up quiet nicely. can't control others thoughts or perceptions on what you say or do. Can't make people understand.

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Your perception of the world is based on your experiences. What we see says more about us, than the person we are talking too). Cognitive distortion.

Super small dump about perception

“Cherish your point of view, but never assume it's anything more than a look through the prism of your mind's eye.

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Real talk ... gotta keep it on an even level. Any attempt other than that is mostly wasted time as far as getting a better understanding goes.

I realized the people who hate me have believed what they want to make there choices comfortable. But I'm glad even through my bad choices people who really know me are still there.

I always look for the good in people...even when they've told me what they done...what I've learned is if people have treated others unkind or with disrespect...they will do it again

See Yahuah's Word having the dominion, power and authority over your life that It already does! Be renewed in the spirit of your mind. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind by Yahuah's Word.

Your reality is created through your beliefs. Open your mind and expand your knowledge, growing your reality. <3

Reality is the illusion created by the mind, based on perceptions. Change your perception, and you change your reality.