Penny Farthing Bicicle (1880s)

This sort of bicycle was known as an 'ordinary' until the invention of the safety bicycle in the

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But these bikes were soon surpassed by the main Victorian Era bicycle, with its trademark humongous front wheel!

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the great velocipede migration and other stories

Drawing from an 1887 German encyclopedia of various velocipedes, penny-farthings and other human-powered vehicles. Who Invented the Bicycle?

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Anjer flamingo eenwieler fiets print kunstdruk - Pink Flamingo gentleman rides a Bike Bicycle Unicycle. Victorian Steampunk Collage of vintage victorian engravings, illustrations and my own drawings on fancy German Hahnemühle deckle edged engrav.

My ancestor invented the bicycle..... ‘Daft Pate’ Macmillan of Courthill Smithy, Pioneer of the Pedal-Driven Bicycle ..

Cycling Postcard for the retro old school crowd with penny farthing riders graphic.

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1872 Invention of the penny-farthing bicycle. by British engineer, James Starley. The huge front wheel was almost six feet from top to bottom. and the seat was above the wheel. It had no brakes!