Paul Revere Task Cards

Paul Revere 2 Sets of Task Cards *(Questions are the same, however, one set shows multiple choice & the other set has QR codes with the multiple choice for self-checking) 24 Multiple Choice & 24 QR Codes Grade Social Studies Standard Addressed Answer

Paul Revere Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

This file contains a Paul Revere Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle to be used with the trade book. Aligns with the Georgia Perform.

Paul Revere's Ride Reader's Theater Script (also known as The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere). Easy and fun way to practice fluency. Great for "after the test!" Reader's Theater Rubric included. More Than a Worksheet $

Paul Revere's Ride: Reader Theater Script

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote his poem “Paul Revere’s Ride” in 1860. The poem is about how American patriot Paul Revere rode through the countryside to warn the colonists of an attack by the British during the American Revolution. Students read the beginning of the poem and then work on several skill-building activites about the poem.

Literature Activity Set: Patriot Poem: Paul Revere's Ride

Free, printable reading comprehension set about Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem, “Paul Revere’s Ride”.

Do you need to add a little more excitement and engagement to your Paul Revere unit? Or are you looking for the perfect review before the test? This lapbook activity is sure to keep those kiddos engaged and enthusiastic as you bring history to life. The lapbook includes key vocabulary review, biography information, making connections with Paul Revere, who, what, when and where flipbook, and a writing topic activity.

Paul Revere Lapbook

Paul Revere (December 21, 1734 – May 10, 1818)[N 1] was an American silversmith, early industrialist, and a patriot in the American Revolution. He is most famous for alerting Colonial militia of approaching British forces before the battles of Lexington and Concord, as dramatized in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem, "Paul Revere's Ride."

Paul Revere, An American Silversmith And Patriot In The American Revolution, Is Most Famous For Alerting The Colonial Militia To The Approach Of British Forces Before The Battles Of Lexington And Concord. / J S Copley - Paul Revere.

Paul Revere (Third Grade GA Heroes) Resources {FREEBIE}

Paul Revere (Third Grade GA Heroes) Resources {FREEBIE

Built in 1680, Paul Revere House is the oldest wooden building still standing in Boston and 90 percent of the structure remains original. Home to Paul Revere from 1770 to 1800. Located along the Freedom Trail, the Paul Revere House was purchased in 1902 by Revere's grandson to ensure it would not be demolished. Paul Revere House opened to the public in 1908 and remains one of the oldest historic house museums in the U.S.

Built in Paul Revere's house is the oldest wooden building still standing in Boston. Home to Paul Revere from 1770 to

MIdnight Ride of Paul Revere

Midnight Ride of Paul Revere - Razzle Bam Boom (Mark Beckwith and Obediah Thomas) perform Longfellow's classic poem as a rap. This is from their educational musical Years of American Music.

Midnight Riders 19 April, 1775 Paul Revere, William Dawes Dr. Samuel Prescott

What was the Name of Paul Revere’s Horse?

Ran through the town warning the colonists of the British invasion. This was known as "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere". Paul Revere was also big Patriot Leader.