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How To Make Origami Paper Cranes For Wedding Backdrops ~ Step By Step

Paper cranes are symbols of hope and prosperity. So, it’s fitting that you would use them for a vibrant seating chart (just give yourself plenty of time–these cranes take longer than you might think). @myweddingdotcom

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origami paper cranes are supposed to yield a happy, healthy marriage. Wouldn't want as much origami as these pictures show, but would be up for folding paper cranes!

Origami Paper Crane - 1000 Cranes for Prosperity and Happiness! Photography: The Wedding Artist’s Collective

Pennsylvania Vintage Wedding from The Wedding Artist’s Collective

Origami Paper Crane - 1000 Cranes for Prosperity and Happiness! Photography: The Wedding Artist’s Collectives--- using a bead to make it hang.

I want to make one every day until my wedding then have them displayed on the 1,000th day for good luck in the reception room! What do you think?   Kenzie

Paper Crane DIY Garlands - folding Origami Cranes is truly a labor of love. Tradition holds that the bride who finishes this task, called 'sembazuru', before her wedding day will be richly rewa

Paper cranes are the most common origami detail you will see at wedding celebrations @myweddingdotcom

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A paper crane boutonniere in the softest, warmest, summer colours. Perfect for an Origami Paper Crane Wedding! These Paper Crane Boutonnieres are

A great way to display one thousand origami cranes. According to Japanese folklore, the person who folds 1000 paper cranes will be granted one wish by the crane.

Maybe the cranes could be sprinkled on the tables at the reception and at the end of the nite wedding guests could help dispose of decorations by adding to a glass frame that could then be a piece of artwork for the house.

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This Modern + Timeless St. Louis Wedding from Katie Saeger Events features one thousand paper cranes and gold sparkly shoes.