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(Sharing here as well) Ok see this ^^ don't do it.DO NOT touch someone without their consent esp if they're having a panic attack or episode, it can make things worse, it can make them uncomfortable, the best thing you can do is just sit back and talk to

Best book about  Stop Symptoms of Anxiety, Depression Disorder and Panic Attack…

A Panic Spiral hits you hard. If you know what is happening you can lessen the impact. Counseling is very helpful to teach you the tools.

Stopping a panic attack

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Breathing exercise to help stop panic attacks. This was a huge help for me, since I hyperventilate usually. It also forces you to focus on your breathing instead of what is causing your panic attack

Quote on anxiety: A panic attacks goes from 0 to 100 in an instant. It´s halfway between feeling like you'll faint and feelin like you'll die. www.HealthyPlace.com

As someone with anxiety, it's been great knowing that I'm not the only one who struggles with panic attacks. Tony might not be my favorite superhero, but he will always hold an important spot in my heart.

I had 2 panic attacks yesterday and I hardly slept again and I'm pretty sure John thinks his son is a fucked in the head and wishes he never told me

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A powerful prayer for panic attacks. Do you want to be free from fear and worry? It’s possible when you deepen your prayer life. Read more: What Causes Anxiety? Medical and Spiritual Factors

The FOUR Truths about anxiety and panic attacks recovery that medicine and psychology choose not to tell you.

Which is why anxiety and panic attacks cause Fibro flares! The FOUR Truths about anxiety and panic attacks recovery that medicine and psychology choose not to tell you.


The first time I had a panic attack I thought I was dying. I woke from a restless sleep with my heart racing and a heavy feeling in my chest.

Responses to specific symptoms of a panic attack. Great handout for clients.

5 Steps to Stop a Panic Attack Now

Many women undergo a generalized state of anxiety that can blossom into full episodes of anxiety disorders, panic attacks or phobia during times of psychological stress or biological change such as…

Panic Attack Solutions : Read Full Article for immediate relief from Anxiety and Panic Attacks. Find Answers for Anxiety and Panic disorder at Simplystepping.com

What to Do When Panic Takes Over

If you& having a panic attack right now or have been suffering from anxiety, this article is for you. Find steps you can take right now to calm your body.