How to make all the colours of the rainbow!

Use for reference in trying to create acid dye solutions.How to make all the colours of the rainbow! A color called "skin tone"? Unless it's a rainbow, I'm not sure that name works.

Sherwin Williams SW6742	Lighter Mint  SW6743	Mint Condition  SW6744	Reclining Green  SW6745	Lark Green  SW6746	Julep  SW6747	Argyle  SW6748	Greens  SW6749	Embellished Blue  SW6750	Waterfall  SW6751	Refresh  SW6752	Larchmere  SW6753	Jargon Jade  SW6754	Ionian  SW6755	Starboard  SW6756	Crystal Clear  SW6757	Tame Teal  SW6758	Aqueduct  SW6759	Cooled Blue

Sherwin Williams Loxon Paint Options - House Paint Color Chart - Samples, Swatches, Charts for Exterior and Interior Wall and ceiling

Horse Colors + Patterns for Artist Reference by ~Ninquetolliel on deviantART

This thing is so helpful. I can never keep the names of paint colors strait. deviantART: More Like Chestnut Color Genetics Chart by ~MagicWindsStables by Lovelylovely

Mastic Vinyl Siding Color Chart

Zephyr Thomas is the foremost vinyl siding company in Lancaster PA. Vinyl siding is more durable, impervious to rain, cold, salt and snow and it won't rot.

Complete Pantone ink color chart. Useful when redecorating, too. (Click the picture to see the full chart. These are just edge colors.)

Complete Pantone Ink Color Chart Useful When Redecorating Too Click The Picture To See The Full Char