.Harry, "what now little girl" Louis, "I'm trying not to punch you, also I am afraid." Niall, " high note high note high not, Ashton?!?!?" Zayn, "Da heck is wrong wid choo" Liam, " bask in my infinite glory I AM THE PAYNO I AM WORTHY OF THE PRAISE bow down to me you worthless little awe sorry im being pushy here just get down on your knees and say ,'payno payno payno'"OMG

Harry, "what now little girl" Louis, "I'm trying not to punch you, also I am afraid.

The AMA's were amazing! louis' face in the second one though! and why is zayn looking in the opposite direction in a few?

One Direction at the AMAs ❤️so proud of these boys and couldn't be happier for them! Thanks boys for everything! please tell the boys I love them if you get this please!

One Direction

One Direction Shocker: Which Guy Almost Didn't Join the Group Because He Wanted to Go Solo?

One Direction

One Direction Covers Seventeen's November 2014 Hot Guy Issue!: Photo One Direction look absolutely adorable on Seventeen magazine's November Hot Guy Issue, which hits newsstands on October The guys - Harry Styles, Liam Payne,…

Sonic Benches--Jensen Kit, Park Pano, Carter Wheats, Owen Franks, and Frankie Steel

One Direction, Four, review: 'songwriting by numbers, but the numbers add up'

One Direction / Niall Horan / Liam Payne / Harry Styles / Louis Tomlinson / Zayn Malik / Four

2 years ago today I was at my first One Direction concert. I can't believe it has been that long! It was amazing. :D

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: 1D give fans a glimpse into their life on the road

One Direction // 2014

One Direction 2014 - Did anyone else watch Harry's hair grow in these?

*100 notes ** 200 notes The boys mixed • He compares you to his ex-girlfriend- Harry, Niall, Zayn Part 1 Harry and Niall Part 2 Zayn Part 2 * • Silent treatment- Harry and Liam * • First sleepover-...

Life goes on It is so heavy The wheel breaks the butterfly Every tear , a waterfall at night The stormy night He closed his eyes at night The stormy night Away he flew