I love this. Think of the laughter and the heartaches these walls have heard

13 Dramatic Gothic Victorian Homes Part 2 Manoir-des-carpates Located in Mires Paris France, Is this abandoned beauty. It has been abandoned for some time now. It’s such a shame to see a home this beautiful, just left behind.

Lovely old abandoned house                                                                                                                                                                                 More

abandoned tiny cabin with rusty corrugated metal roof.think how many stories this house could tell.I want a cabin like this!

Old forgotten house taken over by a tree! Micoley's picks for #AbandonedProperties www.Micoley.com

Old forgotten house taken over by a tree! the caption proclaims, but this may actually ruins of a Cambodian temple

I am facinated by old houses.  Not in a creepy or scary way...I just love the history...

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Cette maison. Cette maison c’est le maison de la voisine de Karen et Andrew. La voisine s’appelle Morbida destinée. Karen at Andrew pense que quand Boubou va la maison d’elle Morbida mette les potions sur il et ça lui fait il plus gros. Mais en réalité ça c’est pas vrai tout le monde c’est ça. Après que Mary Anne a regarder Karen et Andrew pour le premier fois elle était vraiment peur de Morbida. Après ça Kristy voulaient regarder Karen et Andrew.

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Abandoned house in Coudersport, Pennsylvania. This is so sad it was once a very beautiful home . I rember what it use to look like . Its for sale too. Its not to far frome where I live and grew up .

The shell of an old plantation house on the outskirts of Nashville, TN, near Antioch.

I always wonder what the story is behind old abandoned houses. This had to have been a nice house back when it was first built. I just start thinking about the families that lived there and wonder why someone eventually just let the house go to ruin :(

New Orleans, Louisiana

paranormal So many glorious old homes lost to time. When i get my way,il have my old home and il give it some help and some love

Long forgotten the old barn we took shelter in was slowly disintegrating.

Abandoned Farm Trucks and Barn in Washington Love the vehicle, too. Days Gone By.

old abandoned mansions in Ohio | Franklin Castle, an abandoned mansion in Cleveland, Ohio.

Ohios haunted houses Cleveland Ohio - Franklin Castle, rumored to be haunted and contain secret passages and rooms.

Forgotten? Derelict Machinery / I like this photograph. There is a mellowness to it. Times gone by.

Top 20 barns from This Old Farmhouse.-- I would try to fix the old truck up, if I could find the parts . It's been a much used, much loved old barn.

30 Photos Inside the Brooklyn Navy Yard's Abandoned Buildings

30 Photos Inside the Brooklyn Navy Yard's Abandoned Buildings