I love old, creepy houses like this!

13 Dramatic Gothic Victorian Homes Part 2 Manoir-des-carpates Located in Mires Paris France, Is this abandoned beauty. It has been abandoned for some time now. It’s such a shame to see a home this beautiful, just left behind.

Like their old family home on the farm before the tornado

abandoned tiny cabin with rusty corrugated metal roof.think how many stories this house could tell.I want a cabin like this!


Evidence of time and abandonment. As time goes on things are forgotten and left behind, evidence of this is left everywhere whether it be a rusty object or an abandoned house. Spiderweb, old clock.


Very Close to Home! "Second Empire Home" The Historic Franklin W. Knox 1880 Italian Villa Style q in Coudersport, PA - Abandoned and reportedly haunted by a murder victim who is seen in windows at night.

Même abandonnée.. Belle quand même..

Top 20 barns from This Old Farmhouse.-- I would try to fix the old truck up, if I could find the parts . It's been a much used, much loved old barn.

I am obsessed with old farm houses!Abandoned house in Fort Worth, Texas.

Abandoned house in Fort Worth, Texas - The intricate details of just the outside of this abandoned beauty is so beautiful. So sad and such a waste.

I love Italianate Victorian archietecture. It's my dream to live in a house of this style one day.

Beautiful Abandoned Mansion 703 Hall St Saint Joseph Buchanan County Missouri would love to have this house