Yup. I've learned this to be true. We live in a world of criticism. There is no love or compassion anymore. Everyone has become consumed by social media and themselves.

no one cares unless you're pretty or dying - if you are pretty AND dying.they've romanticised that (pretty and dying, in the media ALL the time!

Nobody really knows and everybody I try to tell just leaves me for someone better

you don't know: what i've been through the childhood i've had how much i hate myself what i do to myself when i'm all alone how much i just want to give up how much my heart hurts how much i cry

I just feel like I'm always there for my friends, but some of them are never there for me. I feel like the last one to be invited. Always.And it's like they're better of without me: i could just dissappear, and they wouldn't notice or care. I'm always second choice,and no one's "go-to-person". It feels like shit,and nobody cares

Honestly I never feel included I feel like their just my friends because they fill bad for me or don't want to be mean. I swear I feel so fucking alone around everybody. I feel like a fucking outcast all the damn time.

problems ... Dont tell anyone.. Nobody cares.. Really...except God!                                                                                                                                                                                  More

Even my best friend secretly enjoys how much pain I experience. Always about being superior in every area and continues to point it out every chance she gets.

On what it's like to be the "strong" one. | "Didn't you know? Nobody likes it when the strong one breaks. When you're everyone's therapist, you're not allowed to make mistakes."

These Poems Prove Life's GREATEST Adventures Lie Straight Ahead

love girl quote Black and White tumblr text depressed depression sad suicide fashion food quotes summer hipster vintage pain true black thoughts dark cut die why no one question nobody cares selfhate asked no one asked

depressed depression sad suicide quotes pain true black thoughts dark cut die why no one question nobody cares selfhate asked no one asked

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Nobody cares until its too late

But there is someone who cares, even when you feel no one is there. He cares. Open the Bible, He will show you He cares!