Never again. Never again will I see your face in a crowded room. But that doesn't mean that I'll ever stop looking for it. - M.W. Poetry

I'll never forget the day a girl with curly blonde hair stood near Kim and Max. For a second i thought it was you and my heart soared and then crashed onto a million pieces.

Someone broke her heart. She was sure it would kill her, but it didn't. But she will never bargain that piece again.

A part of her heart that is off limits.It was an unbelievable hurt that she was sure would kill her. You must know she will never bargain that piece agaib.

never again, now that you know, show him what hurts you, what means alot to you, never give him even a tiny shard of your heart, he will use it to stab you to death

I told you. Yes a Narcissist will perfectly study you & do everything to you that HE knows will cripple you.hurt you so so bad ! I asked for honesty and healthy boundaries when he asked me what I wanted in a relationship.

Never let your loyalty make a fool of you.  Something I wish I had seen a decade ago.

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Brave girl, never settle again #the better man project

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How could I ever again now? You were the only person I ever felt comfortable enough to talk about anything to, the only one who would be able to catch me if I ever fell. Then when I actually needed you, it turns out you were the reason why I did. How could I finally find someone that could eventually help me and he then turns his back on my for selfish pursuits showing that trust and loyalty are meaningless.

Never again will I let someone in. I have been lied to used cheated on and beaten.

Never want to fall again...hurts far too badly.

Look at your life and how you treat people and how everything fails. What happened between us is WHY I KEEP PROTECTING THEM. Quit stalking me on social media. I'm NOT blasting you. Get over yourself and the life you created.

Never beg someone for their attention. I feel like this quote is for everyone. Begging for attention isn't good.

Never beg someone for their attention. When you beg people they feel powerful so they take control of your feelings. The right people will give you their attention and love freely. Always always remember that!