Backlit, Close Up Of A Smoke Tree Leaf  Joe Petersburger

Backlit, Close Up Of A Smoke Tree Leaf

❄۞Φ Fractals Φ۞❄ ~ Fractal branching patterns in nature - Backlit, Close Up Of A Smoke Tree Leaf Joe Petersburger

Fractal pattern

Succulent pattern

Patterns in nature – spiral cactus plant with beautiful green hues (www.

Tomato Slices Royalty Free Stock Images

One bit of old folklore wisdom says to plant tomatoes when the soil is warm enough to sit on with bare buttocks. In surburban areas, use the back of your wrist - Jackie French -Tomato Slices Patterns in Nature

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Fragile Beauty - dragonfly wing close up - delicate nature; natural surface pattern inspiration, beauty and photography, nature, schoonheid en natuur

Beauty in "Sea Glass". I want to wear just this one color forever...kidding-still gorgeous, though. WATERMAN

UNDER THE SEA Beauty in "Sea Glass". I want to wear just this one color forever.kidding-still gorgeous, though.

Patterns in Nature - Wow - interesting how a pattern can bring out the depth in an object or landscape.

Patterns in Nature. Photos by various artists, including Tony Kuyper, Steve Sier. - Science and Nature

I choose this piece of work as I found this texture to be very original and inspiring. I think that when I'm going to producing my model I can use this patterns as it moght plays with light and shadow very nicely, as well as the shadow can be very relaxing for people coming over.

Looks like coral, but it's actually fungi! Photographs of fungi by Warren Krupsaw reveal intricate patterns - Telegraph

"Dahlia" by amazon2008 @ (© 2009)

Perfect-Geometric-Patterns-In-Nature-dahlia – The keys to your personal & professional well being

Memory can be aided through beauty because it stimulates and encourages memory. 'Beauty in nature: microscopic plant cells' emphasises Patterns, texture, colour and can even evoke pattern inspiration.

Beauty in nature: microscopic plant cells. It all comes down to patterns. texture, colour and pattern inspiration using textile to create intricate designs. mixing man made with nature

Abstract Nature Patterns-5

Nature Abstract Patterns

Suction Seattle Aquarium USA - Nature Abstract Patterns - By focusing on the landscape textures he observes, the photographer Thorsten Scheuermann presents here an abstract series of very graphic photographs.

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Flowing Eucalyptus in Black and White