Namaste Symbol | Aum Om Simbolo Symbol Yoga Namaste Peace Gray 5 dingle ... I'm so getting this as a tattoo.

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The three sounds also symbolise the three Vedas, namely (Rigveda, Samaveda, Yajurveda).

finding-shanti: “irksome-obligations: “ azure-waters: “ i have a ring with this sign, it means peace ” actually it’s the “om” symbol which means connection with a higher power. the om symbol.

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Want a tattoo of the energy symbol behind my ear- reminds me that energy flows through everything. Its what keeps us going and what causes the amazing things in this world that happen.= I want the om or 'aum' tattoo

this is the human condition and the practice summed up in one diagram.

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Knowing meaning of this sacred symbol before using it. | om symbol namaste

The Meaning of the Om Symbol – 5+ Things You Didn’t Know (but Should

what is the meaning of namaste?

"What is" Series video created by Brett Larkin for Yogi TimesThe literal translation of Namaste in Sanskrit is “to bow.” “I bow to you.” Yet the true meaning of this word, like most words in Sanskrit, runs much deeper than your average greeting. The prac

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