Well Said, Andrew.

So True! If it's something you miss and long for its unfortunate- if it's something you don't miss, then it's good things will never be the same. I suppose either way the statement is correct -

Sad but true. People change and not always for the better. And sometimes they don't change, they just reveal their true selves.

I miss my friend...it's forced text and short answers these days...that's what makes my heart hurt the most...

I miss my friend.it's forced text and short answers these days.that's what makes my heart hurt the most. summer-dec has felt like the longest 6 months

So true. Once upon a time I had this best friend... Then one day she abandoned me...with no explanation

The hardest thing is not talking to someone you used...

Feeling sad that it was frustrated with talking to you two to three times a day.but now I Miss it! I miss you Dad! You were my # 1 support system.

I Miss the Old Days ... but life goes on. I still think about the people I shared those days with...Argentinian

Some people aren't the sharpest tool in the shed. They do stupid things and we get a kick out of it. If you love fails, silly pets and people doing the dumbest things, you're in the right place. It's time to get stupid!

I wish you could see these things, when I hear of your pain I cry even though now you hate me I still consider myself your best friend and when the time comes I will be there, standing next to you

I miss you more and more. I just hope your happy. I love you. You'll always be considered my best friend. It's bullshit how everything has happened. I miss you and I love you.

30 Missing You Quotes

30 Missing You Quotes

30 Missing You Quotes. Recent pics given were like the ability to go back and visit I miss them so much. All the wonderful family memories. And unconditional love.

Missing Your Best Friend Quotes Definition  Source (Google.com.pk)   A best friend will stay by your sude no matter what will happen, ho...

"I miss you. Not in some cheesy, let's hold hands and be together forever way. I just miss you. Plain and simple. I miss your presence in my life. I miss you always being there for me. I miss my best friend." It's sad because it's true.