Sadly, I'd probably lean more towards the Florida way, just maybe not that bad.

Below zero in MN Okay, this is a true story, school was cancelled for the or time last year because of the snow and cold so I enjoyed my day off wearing sorts and a tank top.

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I don't live in a place like that but it's still funny

Minnesota - there is a lot of truth to this ya know. it CAN be too cold to snow.

Know how to say Wayzata, Mahtomedi, and Shakopee.

AYYY, I GO TO SCHOOL IN WAYZATA When the cross country team won nationals and Manlius (or whatever) didn't, the announcers didn't know how to pronounce Wayzata

Ya Know You're From Minnesota When...

yeah, except I'm from the town that was the only school district in all of Minnesota AND at least 3 surrounding states that had NOT cancelled school one winter when it hit degrees WITHOUT THE WINDCHILL!

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