Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppy - so cute

This was my Cinch when he was a baby now he is a rolly polly - V - Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppy - so cute

Mini Australian Shepherd when I can get a dog this will be the kind of dog I get!

I have a mini Australian Shepherd Blue Merle named Mya, she is very sweet but she just is too energetic at times.

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix | Border Collie-Aussie Mix ...

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Mini Australian Shepherds - WTF fun fact

So here's the plan, train this doggo to herd your munchkins and take a load off while they provide each other infinite entertainment.

Hi, my name is Luke. I am a 7 week old Mini Aussie and I live in Oregon with my mommy and daddy. I also have 2 feline friends that I like to play with, although sometimes they want to do a little boxing on my head. I have a sweet little heart on my mom says it's because I am so loved. My favorite things to do are: play outside, chew on my new fun toys and bones and lick the kitties' faces. I am so excited because my mom says we can go to the beach this weekend to play in the sand!

Puppy Breed: Australian Shepherd Hi, my name is Luke. I am a 7 week old Mini Aussie and I live in Oregon.

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