Her Majesty’s Services: A Brief Guide to British Armed Forces Ranks

Generalised UK Army rank 1890 to present, including majority of Commonwealth nations, largely unchanged today. Single chevron = Lance Corporal not private First Class. Some elite Regiments have Lance Sergents and Staff Corporals.

UNIFORMS - An assortment of uniforms worn by British forces during WWII.

These are the typical British uniforms used in I will use these uniforms, materials and colour schemes as a basis for my characters, before adding the different elements of Steampunk, Cyberpunk and Dieselpunk.

Karl Diebitsch introduced unusual for a German military uniform collar, opening the chest in the English style (it was characteristic only of the party uniforms NSDAP), the absence of one of the ring and runes. The creation of the SS uniforms professor inspired form Prussian "Hussar death."

World War II- SS Black Uniforms of Nazi German Waffen SS Officer Uniform.This black coat is made of wool. It has a red armband bearing the swastika, rank tabs on the collar, and silver shoulder boards worn by high ranking officers.

Officer Frock Coat c1815  Light Company of Loyal Newport Volunteers

An officer's jacket of the post 1812 uniform design, similar to those worn at the Battle of Waterloo. This example has dark green facings, possibly of the Durham Light Infantry