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How to Tell People Off Without a Middle Finger Emoji

iOS's new update didn't come with the middle finger emoji like expected, but you can still dismiss haters using different tactics

loving everything about this photo

Just a girl trying to figure things out. It goes without saying I don't own the pics I post unless they're tagged me. 18 and over only please

Little sign language if you don't understand what I'm saying

sometimes you've just got to give 'the bird' \\\ actions speak louder than words \\\ keep it simple

Wanna buy some magic?

WiffleGif has the awesome gifs onyh the internets. middle finger eternity gifs, reaction gifs, cat gifs, and so much more.

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No joke: this poster is HUGE! Hands down this x print is the best Johnny Cash poster around! This iconic Johnny Cash image is from his infamous performance at San Quentin in A must have for fans of the Man in Black with some empty wall s


Johnny Cash: The Story Behind The Iconic Middle Finger Picture

Cookie-Cutter-Katze mit fickt skeptisch Cookiecutter Cookies benutzerdefinierte Form Sondergröße benutzerdefiniertes Bild

Cookie Cutter Cat with middle finger sceptical cookiecutter cookies custom shape custom size custom picture mature